Continuing Education for the Cleaning Industry


CMI Train the Trainer

This three-day workshop focuses on how to train and certify your frontline workers on existing standards of care, current health and safety regulations, as well as training on “best practices” vs. “accepted practices” for all surfaces.

Train the Trainer covers Cleaning Management Institute’s (CMI) entire Certified Custodial Technician Basic & Advanced level courses, which entails nine individual sections that go into detail on all three cleaning processes (daily / routines cleaning, periodic interim cleaning and periodic restorative cleaning) used on all surfaces. Attendees become Certified Custodial Technician Trainers with the Certified Professional Trainer (C.P.T.) designation, and have the authority and training to provide certification classes to their entire frontline staff. CLICK HERE.

CMI Supervisor Bootcamp

This three-day course is designed to sharpen both technical and soft skills involved in cleaning, maintaining and servicing facilities. The Supervisor Bootcamp curriculum is designed for aspiring entry-level workers as well as tenured professionals who are looking to increase their industry knowledge, sharpen their skills and learn new techniques. CLICK HERE.