The Sam Tughan Achievement Award

Biennial Sam Tughan Achievement Awards

The Sam Tughan Achievement Award was recognized as the highest honour in the sanitary supply industry in Canada and was awarded by CSSA every two years to any person, group or organization that represented a high degree of professionalism in business. Below are members who were recognized with this prestigious award.

1989 Sam Tughan, Building Service Contractor
1991 Gerry Wyant, Wyant & Co.
1993 Av Morrow, Avmor Ltd.
1995 Jack Ramaley, ISSA
1997 Gary Hardy, G. Hardy Wholesale
1999 Herb Friedman, Cancot Ltd.
2001 Mike Ambler, Swish Maintenance Products
2003 David Armstrong, Armstrong Manufacturing Inc.
2005 Jean Larose, Larose et Fils
2007 Mike McCabe
2009 Jim Ferris, Ferris Agency
2013 Ron Underwood, Advantage Maintenance Products
2015 Bob Semenyk, Wood Wyant