About ISSA Canada

What is ISSA Canada?

ISSA Canada is the newly-formed body resulting from the merger of ISSA with the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA).

ISSA Canada is a non-profit corporation originally established as CSSA in 1957 and registered under the Canada Corporation Act. The association represents member companies engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sales of sanitary maintenance products and services. The purpose of the ISSA Canada is to provide a high degree of professionalism, technical knowledge and business ethics within our membership. Representing the leading product / service providers in the industry, the association promotes a greater public awareness and understanding of sanitary maintenance principles, while contributing to improved public health and environmental awareness in Canada.

Our History

Foundations of the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association

In the 1950s remarkable growth occurred in the sanitation industry in Canada, both in volume of sales and the number of companies engaged in it. The leadership provided by the national companies spawned the development of smaller companies operating with more specific product lines or in a more limited marketing area. As more of an emphasis was put on cleanliness, small companies began to spring up all over Canada offering new products and services to their end-user customers. It was apparent that the industry needed better communication amongst itself. It was in the late 1950s when a movement arose among the companies operating in Ontario to get together and talk about the industry problems. Some of these individuals had met at National Sanitary Supply Association (NSSA) conventions in the United States and it was at these events when discussion began on the possibility of forming a similar organization within Canada. The first meeting of the Canadian Sanitation Standards The first meeting of the Canadian Sanitation Standards Association was held on Thursday March 19, 1959 in dining room 219 of the King Edward Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. It was well attended, according to sources, although no accurate record of attendance has been found. Motions were carried to confirm the actions of the steering committee and the elections of the initial board of directors for the new CSSA. ... READ MORE ...