About CGSP

The Canadian Green Sustainability Program (CGSP), is designed to create and maintain a healthier building environment as well as protect the facility and its contents. Not only can Green Building methods protect assets, but the program tools can also be utilized for marketable and profitable gain.

The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA) has developed a comprehensive management and operations program to help standardize the cleaning industry from coast-to-coast.

Through the Canadian Green Sustainability Program, Building Owners/Managers across Canada, who have earned their Certified Green Sustainability Manager accreditation, have gained considerable knowledge in understanding environmental sustainability practices, along with sustainability implementation.

Designed by Canadians, for Canadians, the Canadian Green Sustainability Program (CGSP) is all about sustainable opportunities, sustainable solutions with a sustainable future. It is a progressive training tool that will assist Manufacturers, Distributors, Building Owners/Managers, In-house Service Providers and Building Service Contractors in reaching their goal of becoming green.

The Canadian Green Sustainability Program provides third party certification, through Franken LeDrew Consulting, to every aspect of the industry – including Building Owners, In-house Service Providers, Building Service Contractors, Distributors and Manufacturers.

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