Cleaning Management Institute (CMI)

What is the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI)?


The Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is one of the most recognized training and certification providers in the professional cleaning industry. Since its founding in 1964, CMI’s third-party training has certified more than 250,000 cleaning and maintenance professionals, managers, supervisors and executives worldwide.

As the foremost provider of learning solutions for the industry, CMI is committed to serving your educational and professional needs in the broadest possible range of subject areas, formats and media.

CMI’s products are designed for industry professionals by industry professionals who have years of experience doing what you do. Many organizations worldwide trust and use CMI’s custodial technical certification programs.

The Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) program is designed to increase professionalism and demonstrate a commitment to effective training. Specifically, the program is focused on training and certifying frontline cleaning professionals, verifying training programs and training facilities to a set industry standard, and improving the skills of industry trainers through a comprehensive workshop.

The ISSA Training Standard was developed through a committee-based process involving experts in all industry classes. ISSA members and registered users can download a free copy of the Standard (note: you must be logged in to to access this page).

Find out What You Can Do With CMI

Frontline Cleaning Professionals

Are you looking for an affordable way to improve upon your skill set and achieve certification? Yes, tell me more!

Supervisors & Managers

Are you looking to train your staff with a program verified by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association? Yes, tell me more!

Manufacturers & Distributors

Do you want to gain credibility by verifying your training program to the industry standard? Yes, tell me more!

Industry Trainers

Do you want to become a Certified Professional Trainer (C.P.T.) and have the ability to present official CMI programs and help issue certification? Yes, tell me more!

Training Centres

Do you want to approve your facility as an official CMI Training Centre? Yes, tell me more!

Why Choose CMI?

CMI can help any team reach their optimum levels of success through our enhanced training programs. As a facility manager, you can now create a consistent training program to meet the ISSA's requirements for CIMS certification with CMI. Reduce your overall budget through implementation for proper cleaning procedures with the Custodial Technical Training & Certification program.

Did you know that trained workers...

  • Have fewer job related injuries
  • Are more productive 
  • Cause less asset damage
  • Experience fewer occupant complaints
  • Reduce and contain insurance premiums
  • Help lower the turn-over rate

Value of Training

  • Reduce absenteeism (i.e. headaches, colds/flu, asthma, stress, repetitive motion injuries, workplace and individual factors)
  • Enhances the image of your facility
  • Lowers the presenteeism rate through consistent and proper training. Negative effects of presenteeism include: spending additional time on tasks, decreased quality of work, lack of initiative, lowered ability to perform at their peak, decreased quantity of work completed, inability to be social with coworkers and lack of motivation.
  • Training must be accepted and valued starting from upper management. It will then be carried down to your front-line worker. 

Building service contractors, educational facilities, health care providers and many more utilize CMI’s certification courses.

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