Supervisor and Management Boot Camp

The supervisor and management professional has never been more important to the success, or failure, of an organization and a healthy indoor environment. With increased regulations and cost-cutting demands of many firms, it has become essential for supervisors and managers to incorporate valuable business skills into their day-to-day activities.

The Supervisor and Management Boot Camp is a multi-day course designed to sharpen both technical and soft skills involved in cleaning, maintaining and servicing facilities. This course is designed both for aspiring entry-level workers as well as tenured professionals who are looking to increase their education and learn new techniques.

On top of cleaning for appearances, the Certified Custodial Supervisor program provides in-depth information about issues related to cleaning for health. As we all like to stress, there is more to it than just cleaning to make things look and smell nice. It's more about maintaining human health and safety and mitigating the spread of infectious diseases, while protecting and preserving the facility's assets, including the floors and expensive furniture or equipment.

It's easy to see why a person with this certification would be so highly desired in the cleaning industry as well. The training necessary in order to be an exceptionally good supervisor is an area that tends to get missed or overlooked. 

The Certified Custodial Supervisor program covers:

  • Leadership skills and communication
  • Delegating task assignments and frequencies
  • Conflict resolution and handling difficult complaints
  • The proper ways for doing cleanliness audits to establishing a facility benchmark and using that to measure progress over time.
  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Task performance inspections
  • Assessing staff production rates
  • Workloading and staffing considerations
  • The different levels of supervision and appropriate team structures

Here is what CMI customers are saying...

"The CMI Supervisor and Management Boot Camp at the 2015 ISSA trade show in Las Vegas was great, as were all of the instructors (Brant, Marion, Mickey). The pace was very comfortable for taking notes and digesting the information. We were able to ask questions throughout and have discussions that involved the entire class. The content of the course, coupled with the instructors was extremely relevant in regard to the needs of a supervisor in today's work environment. Furthermore, Brant provided a great degree of personal experience that helped to illustrate the various topics covered in class. I have confidence that I can make some significant changes with what I have learned. I look forward to implementing the new processes and continuing to grow and develop within my role as a result of the course. I highly recommend this course for anyone entering supervision as well as a refresher for long-time supervisors." – Delicia Morris-King, Custodial Supervisor, Birmingham Airport Authority

"Hello Brant, I wanted to tell you that the course is one of the best I have attended!" – Doug Parr

"Perry and Brant: Thank you for your expertise in the field. I learned a lot about the new technology emerging in our field, but mostly I learned a lot about myself and how to improve my management style. Before I attended your class, I was dreading the need to complete the custodial reorg plan that had been sitting on my desk for the past six months and Steve was counting the days toward retirement. After your training, Steve and I have put together a fair and equitable plan, and he is eager to roll-out a cleaning program before he retires. By using some keywords that are learned in the training session, adding some theatrics and passion, I have been able to sell this plan to my staff. They are definitely on board for the measuring of their work performance. I was astonished because I was expecting push back from my day shift regarding who would be carrying the brunt of the work, but I framed their job and core responsibilities with a very important mission. They were not to be seen as the restroom janitors for midday, but as ambassadors of buildings that were assigned. Yesterday, I debriefed my boss' boss, and he was impressed with the training and the custodial re-org plan. He has already heard about my paradigm shift in management style and is in support of whatever I may need. Thanks to both of you, we are going to measure our cleaning successes, train, coach, inspire and save lives! Steve and I are excited about our training and hope to attend "Train the trainer" soon. At some point, it would be our goal to host a CMI training session here at Delta College!" – Salvador Rodriguez