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Search functionality is a primary tool for connecting customers to the information they need.  As content continues to grow rapidly, finding information becomes increasingly difficult, often leading to customer dissatisfaction, lost sales and additional work for call centers.

The lead generation feature allows potential buyers to directly request for more information by sending their contact information directly the member company contact person. Lead generation can be vital to the survival of smaller companies. The ISSA Buyer's Guide may reach potential customers outside traditional marketing for many member companies.


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The ISSA Canada is putting its members in the worldwide spotlight with the access to the ISSA Buyer's Guide Platform, on-line Members Directory. This service will help ISSA Canada members increase sales, visibility and market presence, not only in Canada, but on a worldwide scale.

The ISSA Buyer's Guide Platform offers a very efficient search functionality. You may search the companies by name or browse by Company Category or Products Category.

For the members of the association, the key benefits include:
  • Increased brand promotion and lead generation
  • Business intelligence reports that are specific to the industry and product category
  • Additional visitor traffic directed to website
  • Ability to compare search optimization and search performance relative to the industry

For consumers and business buyers, the benefits include:
  • Ease of access to information via highly optimized search service
  • Information presented within a context of a credible association membership
  • Ability to conduct research and analysis within industry